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At Engineers at Work, we're dedicated to creating innovative products that exceed expectations. Our consultancy company specializes in the design and production of electronic devices. With our expertise in hardware, software, and packaging, we're committed to helping you create a product that is both technically superior and profitable.

Electronic Circuit

PCB design


At Engineers Over the years we have designed hardware for various projects. Together with your wishes as a customer, we look at what the best solution is for your project. We have experience in making electronics in the field of high-end audio equipment and consumer products that are used worldwide.

Computer Programming

Software development


At Engineers we have years of experience in developing software in various projects. Whether it concerns software for microcontrollers or PC applications, we deliver tailor-made quality. We do this with various partners where we translate the technology and your wishes as a customer.


Product development


At Engineers@work we have more than 20 years of experience in developing products. You can contact us for advice on a wide range of topics. This should include:

  • pre -test for EMC

  • print design

  • 3D housing design in metal / plastic

  • product development from idea to prototype

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